Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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does what he says

Best VPN so far

I don’t understand whinning reviews on this app. Yes it’s confusing to see how to cancel the premium subscription after the free trial but that’s on Apple not Betternet, and come on a 2-second search on Google gives you a step-by-step. Regarding the app itself now: the premium version is stellar with high reliability, speed and simplicity. Of course, the free option is not as good but still far better than any of the other many solutions have tried so far. For what you can reasonnably ask a free VPN, Betternet delivers and I’d say go a few miles more. Really recommend!

good program but TERRIBLE customer service

I’ve been using it for a long time on iPhone and iPad as a Premium User, so far OK. But recently when I installed it on my MAC computer it cannot recognize my registered email everytime I input it. I email them FOUR times with this problem and told them my registered email is different from the email that I sent request. The so-called “Customer Service Advocate” never understand this simple issue, always give me useless instruction, everytime different person deals with my inquiry with zero level of understanding. OK I admit the program works quite well for my phone and ipad but I am just so sick of the way these humans deal with their premium customer. This is not the only VPN in the world.

Awesome! Thank you, Betternet!

This is a great VPN service! I did not pay a dime for this product, but still had a pretty decent time using it. The UI is amazing with 1 click and it automatically connects in about 3-5 seconds. Unlimited VPN is awesome and I could use it for hours! However, this rating is missing a star. Sometimes, the app is buggy and will not connect so I would have to turn off my WIFI then turn it back on for it to work. It also slows down my internet speed (but its VPN). But why am I complaining? Its a free service, and a pretty good one so what can I expect :D? Great job Betternet, and I trust that you’ll keep the promise of Betternet being forever free!

Works well on El Capitan & iOS 11

They are definitely worth checking out. I use them almost everyday. I use it on iPod 6 , iPhone 6 Plus & a Macbook from late 2008. They are definitely one of the better options. Its been more than 1 year I have been using Betternet for my VPN needs.It has has remained stable & usable for over 90% of the time.I consider that very good.Thanks Betternet.


It cuts off during online

BEWARE: Cannot cancel!

Cannot cancel my trial. Cannot stop Betternet from charging my Apple account monthly. Betternet Support just says “Take it up with Apple”.

Amazing VPN service

Do not listen to all the poeple who say you are “forced” to get the premium subscription. I’ve used the free version for nearly a year and its great! This app does exactly what it says it does. I use this app everyday and will continue to.

So far, so great!

I have a lifetime subscription to PureVPN. It works, when it wants to. But I occasionally have to quit and relaunch, or go in and select a specific city, when one server location is refusing to respond. And even when it works, it can take awhile to connect. Betternet is connected in three seconds. VERY nice!

Awesome VPN

Works very well for a free VPN service. I would highly recommond giving this app a try if you are looking for a solid VPN client to use. I am currently running it on my Mac Mini and haven’t had any issues so far.




I saw this an decided to try it. It does not work have tried the premuim nothing workds websites still blocked bad vpn

So far, so good

I have just downloaded Betternet. It worked like a charm for the last few hours on my Mac. Unfortunately, it won’t work on my iPhone and iPad at all… I will give it a few more days…


It works perfectly and it’s free, what else do you want?

It works perfect smooth and fast in my region Iran

It works perfect smooth and fast in my region Iran thanks to feedback us i give it 5 stars rather than the hotspot shild elite


help me cancel this auto renewal asap or i will file lasuit. this is grounds for a lawsuit, i looked everywhere on the app and there is no clear ay to cancel!!!! answer me asap or there will be problems for your company


i like it so far



Great VPN for being Free

I use the app on my laptop, and it works great! I did a trial of the premium which is better, but the free version works fine for me.


Trully a great VPN… Works very, very well… And, best of all it’s free...

was great but.. not anymore

it was working great but after the update i cant open the app on my MacBook at all.

Works great, fast easy connect have yet to see an ad.

Works great, better than some paid vpn’s. It always connects fast and I always get good download speeds.

Not Actually Free

Serves no purpose at all unless you sign up for a $12 membership. Absolutely useless. Truly a shame for an app advertised as “free”!

Bought a one-year subscription, but it doesn’t show up

I bought a one-year subscription from Betternet yesterday. When I logged into my account on the app and tried to restore my purchases, it says my subscription has expired and that I have to resubscribe. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, deleting and reinstalling the app, and nothign has worked. When I go to manage my subscriptions on the App Store, it clearly shows that my subscription lasts until October of next year. Fix it please!


It doesn’t work for some reason. Everything is blocked. Help please. I can’t reach the suport page because it is blocked still too.

Free and Fast!

My friend recommended this VPN for me. You can choose free app with ads, not the free 7-day trial one. It’s pretty fast as the paid one that I used before. COOL~

Free and does its job

It’s a free vpn, no daily limit, and the speed is even faster than some paid vpn. Ads are minimal. What else can you expect? I don’t norally write reviews, but this product is too great, I feel I have to give it a credit for doing such great job. Thumbs up for deliverying such a great product.

Confusing interface; no obvious way to cancel subscription

I’ve just returned from a week’s trip to China where I was able to use this app on both my iPhone and AirBook to tunnel back to the US. However, I frequently had to “restore purchase” to access the premium mode. I suspect that I now have several accounts with them and cannot find a way to cancel them. While, the app did work for access to Gmail, the New York Times, The Washington Post and GNews, there was some conflict with Apple News and NetFlix.

Premium is worth it!

I purchased the premium account for my phone and computer…and it has been wonderful!

Free 7 Day Trial

People please take note that when you first start the app there will be an icon on the menu bar that opens up to a “free 7 day trial” touch the icon with the pointer to close this window and cancel the 7 day free trial offer that automatically charges you after your free trial ends.

🏆 Beautiful and simple

Great app. Does what it says 👍🏼👍🏼

How do I cancel subscription to this?

How do I cancel subscription to this?

Please cancel my preimum purchased

Please cancel my preimum purchased


Best ever!!!!!

Charges me when launched, but fixes soon

It told me to have the 7day trial then pay, but i just waited and the box went away saying to install profile. Whew, worried 4 a sec

Love that it is easy to use!

Nothing resets at the beggining of the month, its so simple!

Best VPN

This is the best free VPN application I have used and one of the better ones I have used period. It rarely fails to connect, isn’t easily blocked, and is quite fast. Honestly, I have no idea how they pull this off with so few ads, but a big thanks and congratulations to the team that pulled this one off!

Very complicated unsubscribe procedure

0/10 would not recommend. Tried to unsubsribe after i enrolled in 7days free premium, but later found out that i was still charged 12.99 for the following month. This is absurd, if you are looking for paid fast and stable VPN connection, this is not what you looking for. I switched to ExpressVPN. Having no such problem so far.

great app

best vpn app ever

Restore Failure

Purchased preimum on iPhone, but couldn’t restore the purchase on Mac. And I tried to register e-mail address, but they didn`t send the confirmation e-mail to me. Kind of disappointed.

very good

i love this vpn works great quick to connect!!


I been waiting for this long time ago! I’m so happy right now.

Best on Desktop and Mobile

Best app so far on desktop and mobile and value for the money paid!

Extremely easy to install and use

I’ve downloaded and used most VPN applications and I have to say, Betternets quick connectivity, easy to use interface, sets the bar. Extremely happy with the price and service. A++ to the team.

Fix turning off vpn

This is a nice vpn that’s free but sometmes it randomly turns off pls fix that other than that GREAT WORK

Good App Works good

This is a really good VPN APP i also have this on my phone works well

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