Betternet VPN App Reviews

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Good Service

Great to use while overseas!!

Pretty Good Overall, Definitely Some Improvements Can Be Made

Speed is really fast! This is the main reason why I am using this proxy over the other ones.


i have no words to describe how awesome this vpn is.

low speed

low speed

Awesome VPN

Having some issues with it, but hey you get what you pay…which i haven’t paid a dime. I am thinking about it because i like and respect this product. Thank you guys check out my podcost friendly fire

An excellent VPN

Im using the free version and it really does what it is supposed to.

It’s FREE and easy to use

It’s FREE and easy to use

Worst app ever!

Downloading this app kept me from being able to connect to wi-fi without first restarting my computer. DO NOT GET IT

Good for phone but doesn’t work on Mac

Works so well on my phone, but it doesn’t recognize the application on Mac. I can’t even get to the login page after downloading.

Very unstable service

It has very unstable service even though I bought the premium. Sometimes the response if lagging, while another time it stops responding. I would recommend a better service if there is one.

All good so far

Will be returing to China in a few weeks and hope that the VPN will prove as helpful as it has here in the states. Ill let you all know …


Does not work if trying to watch Netflix!

What such a great APP!

Always use it!

its good

i like it its good and useful


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It works just fine!

I tried several VPN apps, Betternet is the best one! Strongly recommend! Seriously, I don’t know why those apps rank higher than Betternet. Some of them can not even being connected. Keep it free and working! Some people living in some places of this planet will be grateful for your app!

not supporting all streaming platforms

fast, but not working with netflix and others platforms of replay service.


It has really helped me with getting into websites that i could not before access. The speed is great and the reliability is even greater. Would definitely Get.

Only problem is speed

The VPN does its job perfectly fine but the only complaint I have is it significantly slows down the internet speed to the point watching even a short video on youtube becomes a chore. Still a great free VPN though and I will continue to use it. Cannot wait to see how much this app progresses in the future


Very good thx

So far so good

It has been working for me. I have been using almost two months. I do not have lots of expectation (it is a free app) but really no complain. I have been constantly checking and it does so far without any problem hidding my IP address and gives me a different location. I met other people who have paid VPN and they had very slow service etc which I have not experience it yet.

Does not work

I need to use this to override my school’d VPN for spring break. It does not work for this, and because of Cisco Anyconnect it doesnt work at all.

Give me back my Money

I cancelled my subscription and I was still charged. Ridiculous. Improve your services instead of stealing people’s money for profit, it might actually get you loyal customers. WOULD NEVER DOWNLOAD AGAIN AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYBODY.

Hate it. Scam

I hate this app. They’re charging me and forcing me to purchase a subscription even though I onle want the free trial. Would not reccommend.

Great free app!

This app is amazing and I appreciate that they provide a great service for free!

I Accidentally bought premium and cant return

I cannot return my premium subscription I acidently purchased I don’t want to be charged and cannt do anything it says online.

I Love Betternet

Simple to use and free. Keep doing this amazing work guys!!

one of the better working ones i have ever used

i have tried using a lot of these and they all have something i dont like about them but this one is great!!!

Useless as a global VPN.

This product is pay-to-play through and through, unless you’re trying to keep your IP in the US, which kinda defeats the purpose of a VPN in the first place. “Free” is just a marketing trick, one that I personally don’t appreciate; call it what it is (a paid, subscription-based service), and stop yanking our collective chains about the price for the service.

Doesn’t work, FREE is a LIE!

Signed up for this “FREE” app. It is horribly expensive. PLUS, It doesn’t work. I’ve used Goldenfrog VYPRvpn with mostly success. This app does NOT give virtual IP address.

Great Product

This VPN service is simply amazing! I’ve never had to pay a dime for it and the VPN works everytime. I won’t change to another service. Thank you Betternet! :)

Thank you Betternet VPN!

It works! And it’s free!! Hooray!!! ISPs are now colluding with big corporations to slam people with copyright violations by monitoring their internet activity, basically like a wire tap. I was one of those people who received some letters accusing me of violations and threatening consequences. Betternet VPN may very well save my future ability to use the Internet. I found a good website to test the connection (including BitTorrent) and show if the VPN is working. I suggest you do the same.

VPN Proxy allows users to access porn.

If you don’t know what VPN service can do then you should be mindful that this app and others like it will allow uses to bypass parental controls for adult websites. That means your child can install this app and watch porn or if your a porn addict then this is a gateway. I wish apple would allow users to block on proxys apps.


I tried the free version for a week, but it didn’t work well so I updated it to the paid subscription. I only needed it for a month, so I uninstalled it afterwards. But turns out every month since it kept charging me the subscription fee for an app I did not have anymore. This app is a rip off and still has access to ur information even after uninstalling. Be careful what you do on it and off it!!

Cancelled subscription but charged for three more months

Betternet was the worst nightmare. I had cancelled the subscription on September but i was still being charged until December. After multiple correspondence with both Betternet and Apple, We were all finally on the same page and luckily i havent been charged for the month of January yet. If i had known ahead regarding all the hassles, just to cancel their service then i would have never used their service. Well, lesson learned and hopefully this post could help others when cancelling their subscription. LOOK OUT FOR ANY CHARGES EVEN AFTER OU CANCEL THEIR SUBSCRIPTION!!!



Does the iOS subscription work on OS version?

Can they use the same subscription or i have to pay for both versions? Thanks!

Good thing is I did not pay

Downloaded the free version and gave it a shot in China but it was unable to connect. Failed to connect on Both iphone and mac. Planned to go premium as long as the free version worked, unfortunately it didn’t. Save money for the next WORKING update or another similar app that works


Automatically charge you even you have unsubcribed.

works sometimes

Worked every time on my phone, but only worked 2 times over the course of 2 weeks on my mac laptop. I had used this once before in the summer in the same towns and it worked great. Made life hard on a work trip when I was counting on this working based on past experience. I was constantly trying to use my phone in meetings to access google drive sheets since I couldn’t use it on my laptop. This experience has made me leary of trying it again.

ty better net

this app has helped me a lot with stuff


does what he says

Best VPN so far

I don’t understand whinning reviews on this app. Yes it’s confusing to see how to cancel the premium subscription after the free trial but that’s on Apple not Betternet, and come on a 2-second search on Google gives you a step-by-step. Regarding the app itself now: the premium version is stellar with high reliability, speed and simplicity. Of course, the free option is not as good but still far better than any of the other many solutions have tried so far. For what you can reasonnably ask a free VPN, Betternet delivers and I’d say go a few miles more. Really recommend!

good program but TERRIBLE customer service

I’ve been using it for a long time on iPhone and iPad as a Premium User, so far OK. But recently when I installed it on my MAC computer it cannot recognize my registered email everytime I input it. I email them FOUR times with this problem and told them my registered email is different from the email that I sent request. The so-called “Customer Service Advocate” never understand this simple issue, always give me useless instruction, everytime different person deals with my inquiry with zero level of understanding. OK I admit the program works quite well for my phone and ipad but I am just so sick of the way these humans deal with their premium customer. This is not the only VPN in the world.

Awesome! Thank you, Betternet!

This is a great VPN service! I did not pay a dime for this product, but still had a pretty decent time using it. The UI is amazing with 1 click and it automatically connects in about 3-5 seconds. Unlimited VPN is awesome and I could use it for hours! However, this rating is missing a star. Sometimes, the app is buggy and will not connect so I would have to turn off my WIFI then turn it back on for it to work. It also slows down my internet speed (but its VPN). But why am I complaining? Its a free service, and a pretty good one so what can I expect :D? Great job Betternet, and I trust that you’ll keep the promise of Betternet being forever free!

Works well on El Capitan & iOS 11

They are definitely worth checking out. I use them almost everyday. I use it on iPod 6 , iPhone 6 Plus & a Macbook from late 2008. They are definitely one of the better options. Its been more than 1 year I have been using Betternet for my VPN needs.It has has remained stable & usable for over 90% of the time.I consider that very good.Thanks Betternet.


It cuts off during online

BEWARE: Cannot cancel!

Cannot cancel my trial. Cannot stop Betternet from charging my Apple account monthly. Betternet Support just says “Take it up with Apple”.

Amazing VPN service

Do not listen to all the poeple who say you are “forced” to get the premium subscription. I’ve used the free version for nearly a year and its great! This app does exactly what it says it does. I use this app everyday and will continue to.

So far, so great!

I have a lifetime subscription to PureVPN. It works, when it wants to. But I occasionally have to quit and relaunch, or go in and select a specific city, when one server location is refusing to respond. And even when it works, it can take awhile to connect. Betternet is connected in three seconds. VERY nice!

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